Monday, 2 May 2011

maybe i need some rehab, or maybe just need some sleep.

sorry i haven't written in so long, i moved back to school on friday, had resident assistant training all day saturday, and then yesterday was move in day.

but, i'm back :)

i love my residence, it's cozy, beautiful and welcoming, but i currently have serious issues with the shower situation.

first off, there is no room outside the shower to change in. your options are a) strip down naked beside the door of the group washroom, or b) take off your clothes in the small shower stall and throw them out, and then stand in the freezing cold water as it warms up.

neither of which are superb options.

also, the shower head is so low, i need to crouch down to wash my hair, and i'm not that tall. however, i do see some benefit in this as i can shower without having to always wash my hair so it doesn't dry out from being washed every day. so i accepted this flaw in the shower system here. life goes on.

then, this morning, i made a valiant leg shaving effort.

it was less than smooth (pun somewhat intended).

the shower stall is so small, you can't really bend over to shave, you have to awkwardly lift your leg onto the soap shelf. this ended literally in me bumping my chin on my knee. then, because my foot is on the soap shelf, my shaving cream has to go on the floor, so after getting my foot up, i realized i needed to put shaving cream on still, and had to put my foot down to put cream on it and the repeat the process.

now, as i awkwardly have my back pressed against the back wall, my foot wedged in the corner on the opposite side and i'm trying to shave the back of my leg with my knee at eye level, the water suddenly gets super super hot.

scrambling to  unwedge myself out of the shower as my lower back was singed by practically boiling water, i tried to remedy the situation, but just as it takes the shower super long to warm up, it also takes ages to cool off.

so now the options plague me again. stand in the boiling hot shower, or step out, butt naked into the public washroom.

i stuck out the hot water, it's only day 2 here, i don't think the girls are quite comfortable enough with me to exercise my other option.

hopefully i'll get the hang of this whole showering thing soon!

- ella faye

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