Saturday, 14 May 2011

i'm not saying it was your fault, although you could have done more.

I'm so sick of boys today, aha.

Like seriously. If you expect me to put effort into something, is it so wrong for me to expect the same!?

I'm planning this camping trip with my sexy german boys.

And, they suck at getting back to me!

Now, Flo, since I know you'll see this, if there was a winner, it'd be you, because you at least confirmed that you still wanted it to happen. Max has totally been a no show in this whole process.

He doesn't have to come if he doesn't want too, but just tell me! It makes a difference if I'm planning for two or three, and I need to know what needs to get done! Ugh, this whole process is just making the whole frustration with Max even worse because he's leaving me stuck in the planning, and it's just causing me more and more anxiety! How hard would it be to just email me saying he is or isn't coming?! He is a good guy, but seriously, sometimes he ticks me off so much!

Also, Daniel is a dick, enough said.

And then, I just got into a big argument with one of my best guy friends, Keegan.

Keegan is so important to me, he literally, has stood by me through everything. He has been such a rock and support in my life, but he's dating this awful, jealous, controlling and significantly less attractive than I am, girl. He is changing so much as a result of her, and I can't say I'm too impressed. Keegan always did his own thing, and always made choices that I respected. Now, he's letting her be an influence in some major life choices, and I don't think he'd be leaning the same way with his decisions without her. Another thing is, he wasn't all that into her to start with! He was so skeptical of her, and then he was so unhappy in their relationship for so long, I just can't see how he can justify picking up his whole life and adjusting it to her needs!

Boys are the worst. Honestly.

I've had enough of that, I am definitely going to be taking a giant boy vacation for a while.

There are plenty of easier to understand, hot, fun and reliable girls out there. Just sayin'.

- ella faye

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