Monday, 30 May 2011

i'm a little more than useless (and i never knew i knew this).

I wish I had the work ethic of an engineer.

I'm in Social Development Studies and Business. It might not sounds like a breeze (or, it might, aha), but it pretty much is. I have maximum of 3.5 hours of class in a day, and no class on friday. I only have 1 formal exam, and in many of my classes, I actually get marks for showing up. 

But, because the set up is easy, I don't commit to my education nearly as much as I'd like too! 

I have 2 midterms this week.

Have I studied? Absolutely not.

Will I pass? You can pretty much count on it.

But I won't be proud of myself! 

Living with all engineers is starting to inspire me. I see how much work it takes for them, and how they commit so much. I feel like I'm doing myself an injustice! 

Recently, I have finally started committing to things, and I really like to feeling of accomplishment. In past terms, I've pretty much wasted my time away watching countless episodes of the Real Housewives and playing euchre. I by no means plan on giving such things up entirely (let's face it, these are valuable and educational portions of my life) but I should commit to things that have a more widespread agreement of significance. 

I started going to Yoga more consistently, and I feel good about it. Not only am I getting even more ridiculously good looking, but I generally feel healthier and have something to work on and look forward too. I even starting bringing a girl I live with a long, which is fun girl bonding time! 

I also am donning, which takes huge commitment, and although sometimes is stressful and exhausting, is overall a positive experience. I like investing in the girls on my floor, and getting to know them better. We've had some awesome floor events, and I'm especially looking forward to "Awkward fashion show/balloon popping in high heels night" which is coming up on Thursday. It's a sweet life living on Down Under.

And now, I'm committing to more success in school. I have to laugh because my parents always knew I could to better. I remember bringing home and 83% at midterm in grade 9 science, and my dad telling me I needed a tutor if I was going to do so poorly. He knew what I was capable of, I'm just a big slacker. I guess it's time for me to make him proud and pull my shit together, aha.

Realistically, this won't happen. Tomorrow I'll decide my grades are good enough. But today, I'm feeling inspired, so roll with me on this one (afterall, this epiphany could be a real asset for my midterm tomorrow afternoon).

Until tomorrow, let the genius in me be released! :)

Sliding down a waterfall up north.
"Just roll with me on this one."
- ella faye

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  1. post script: all the engineers are outside playing volleyball while i study. arts: 1, engineering: 0.