Monday, 9 May 2011

i had the best day with you, today

my mom is awesome.

i know this is late, but in honour of mother's day, i'd like to talk about her.

first, she's so hot. i only wish i was as good looking as she is (and i'm pretty damn hot). also, since my dad died in october, my mom has been running his business singlehandedly. she has become a wonderful business woman that i really admire.

i want to tell you about my mother's day. it was hilarious.

first, i got up super early and drove home from school to see her speak at church. i pull in, so tired, looking crappy, but, it's the thought that counts, right?

then, when getting ready to speak, she turns to me and asks "Ella, can you turn me on?"

so, naturally, i slapped her butt while i turned on her mic, and then danced right next to her, until she laughingly told me she was all turned on and ready to go.

but the highlight of my day was next. you see, i have spent many years teasing my mom about her lack of technological ability. for such an intelligent and wise women, you'd think she'd be able to change her facebook profile picture, but alas, she is unable. Once I laughed at her as she explained to me that she wanted a blackberry, even though she didn't need email on her phone, because she wanted a phone with a calendar (which her current cell phone had). but the longest lasting joke was that she often makes her "hint" her password to login to her computers.

you see, to me, this seems senseless. what is the point of having a password, if it's right there?

but, during the church service, I got called to the booth. the three men on the tech team could not login into my mother's laptop to get her outline. I laughed as i hit the hint button to reveal the key and unlocked the computer with ease.

sometimes, i think i know more than my mom about certain things. but, once again, things that seem silly to me are super effective much to my disbelief.

my mother is a wise, wise woman.

- ella faye

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