Wednesday, 25 May 2011

i'll give you an empty page, this is the time and place.

sometimes I just need to make some more confessions.


sometimes i need to really appreciate the beauty in the simple things.

but sometimes i need to search beyond the surface.

sometimes I hide all my clocks for a day and just enjoy life without the restriction of time.


sometimes I wonder why things never work out for me,

but I'm learning to be grateful for what I have.


sometimes, I wish with all my heart that he'd come back for me,

sometimes I hope and pray never to see him again,

and sometimes I just have no feelings towards him at all.


sometimes I just need to take in a deep breath and let all my stress go.


sometimes I hid under my covers at night and just express my fears about the future to my stuffed animals,

and sometimes I dress up and pretend I'm me ten years from now.


sometimes I just want to be held,

and sometimes I just want to hold someone else.


sometimes when I'm sad, I just watch cute kitten videos on youtube to make it better.


sometimes I pretend to be dumber than I am to avoid intimidating people,

sometimes I pretend to be smarter than I am to avoid embarrassment,

but if you know me really well, sometimes I do open up to be the real, true and honest me.


sometimes I wish someone would slap my ass because someone needs to appreciate my little white girl booty.


sometimes I laugh just because it's simpler than crying.


sometimes I wish I could be more athletic,

or more artistic,

or more intelligent,

or more brave,

but sometimes I'm amaze myself with the well rounded and complete person i'm turning out to be.


sometimes I wish anyone could understand all my complexities,

but, this is a start, right?

sometimes no horizons seem broad enough.
this is sibling love.

- ella faye

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