Sunday, 22 May 2011

i'm about to break your heart, and you don't know.

Finally, summer has arrived.

I've spent the past couple of days outside soaking up the sun and enjoying plenty of Kan Jam and Beach Volleyball (I must say, great improvements have happened!)

Also, I got my bloodwork back, and it all came back clear, but the doctor wants me to come back in a month to repeat the process.

Recently, I have been soaking up the single life like you wouldn't even imagine.

I honestly, thought I would hate being single, that I would wake up every morning wondering where I went wrong and how come I wasn't good enough, but instead, I wake up every morning and think "Damn I'm sexy, happy, and wonderful" - It's a great feeling.

Also, I love the thrill of playing the field and having new experiences. I'm meeting new people, people that I probably wouldn't have gotten to know if I had been spending all my spare time on the phone or computer chatting with a special someone. And, I'm really loving the new people I'm meeting.

This weekend, I got to know some of the guys who live on LOFT (all the floors in my res have names, I live on Down Under and the two guys floors are Midway and LOFT). They rock and I'm glad to have started to get to know them. It's funny cause I lived with them in Fall term,  but had so much going on, I can't say I know if I'd ever spoken to them before moving in here.

I just am so amazed at how life works, and tears people a part to bring other people together. God just works so wonderously.

On a side note, what a shocker the rapture didn't happen yesterday, bahaha. I spent rapture time playing euchre with 3 super hot guys, I could have left the earth happy in that moment :P

I'm finally embracing what my life is now. I'm not going to take things to heart as much anymore, I know max and flo are great guys, they are just busy, they're moving on without me, and I shouldn't have expected things to go any differently. I can't dwell on how things ended with Daniel, I need to just be happy that he is happy now, and accept that people sometimes move forward before you're ready for them too. I can't feel jaded about Keegan anymore, because he needs to learn his own lessons, and if we lose each other in the process, we'll deal with that as it comes.

Life is beautiful. Instead of worrying about all my losses, I need to focus on my gains. There are 40 other people in this building who all have a story, and it's time for me to put my shit behind me and open myself up to hear some new stories.

I am blessed. I am blessed to have had the people in my life that I've already been influenced by, and I'm blessed to have the people who will touch my life in the future.

I'm ready for a fresh start. I'm ready for joy, and it's here.

- ella faye

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