Tuesday, 3 May 2011

basically, i wish that you loved me.

i am addicted to dearoldlove.com

it's true fact.

i don't know why, it makes me terribly depressed. looking back and thinking how similar my failed relationships are to the thousands of other people's who are sending in their secret messages.

it makes me sad to think about why my past relationships failed, and the hurt with that. and it also makes me sad because it reminds me that there really isn't anything special about my past relationships, because i know there is someone out there who had the exact same thing happen to them.

i'll be honest, i've sent in a few. i'm sure the people they were meant for never saw my heartfelt witty messages that i put so much effort into wording. but, my messages are out there for them.

i think the idea, although sad, is beautiful.

everyone has people that walk out of their lives before they were ready. i'm very much not immune to this. there is many relationships that i look back and have that stomach sinking incomplete feeling about.

the one that inspired this post said "I hate that you’re punishing me with your silence, and I hate that it’s working"

i didn't write this, but it hit pretty hard. if i wasn't reading it in class, i probably would have immediately put on a couple sad songs and wept while writing an angry letter to the person it reminds me of, aha. instead, my prof pulled out some nineties slang and i had to laugh.

but, seriously. life is beautiful. no one is alone in how they feel. and enjoy the people in your life while it lasts, we are not given any guarantees.

- ella faye

p.s. whatever person left "now you have my heart and my socks" made me smile. that could totally be about me aha.

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