Monday, 16 May 2011

You came around and you knocked me off the ground from the start.

today I presented a speech in my speech communication class.

it was on stain removal.

i know, it's crazy. why of all topics would I choose to discuss stain removal?!

but I think it was awesome!

I spilled coffee down my shirt as my attention getter, and it worked! I spoke about removing a variety of stains from clothing and carpets, and it was relevant to the audience! I'm a freaking genius to have chosen this as my topic! I mean, so many people try so hard to think of topics that are interesting and relevant that they don't have to do too too much work on getting information for, but it's all about simple, every day things.

It's funny how much work people took to choose topics for this class, when it really should be about keeping it simple. I bet there is way more in life that works like this, where I take so much time and waste so much energy looking for a solution, when if I stopped looking so hard, the answer would be right under my nose!

Anyways, the success of my speech left me feeling positive and confident after a pretty crappy week.

I talked to Keegan for a long time last night about how his girlfriend drives me nuts. He understands. I don't know how anything will change but at least I have my feelings off my chest. Hopefully he'll save the day and make it better. I just want my best friend back!

Especially in this time of stress. I've been having a lot of pretty severe joint pain in the past few months. I saw the doctor today and I'm getting tested for a slew of disorders. Hopefully it's nothing too serious, but it's definitely something to keep in your prayers. It's getting to a point where the pain is dramatically effecting my life, somedays I struggle to type because of the swelling and pain. I'll keep updating when I know more, but the doctor said even if my bloodwork comes up clear, he still thinks something is up. I'm blessed to have a doctor who is interested in pursuing the cause of my pain.

But, I'm a strong woman, and there is nothing I can't handle. I trust God totally has it under control.

Maybe my joints are just sore from scrubbing out all those stains! Seriously, it's like our generation just thinks their moms can save their clothing for the rest of their lives!

Well, my mom will of course, but not everyone's will.. aha.

- ella faye

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