Monday, 23 May 2011

i could try it with a waltz, i could try it rock and roll.

i know i complained in an earlier blog post about the rain.

and truth be told, it was a little hypocritical, because I really, really love the rain.

but, not like drizzly and miserable, like it was earlier this month,

i like the "in-your-face-can't-avoid-it-overwhelming-heaven's-opened-up-and-spilled-it's-guts" kind of rain.

Rain is amazing. Seriously, it's water falling from the sky.  I think people forget how incredible that is! If cheerios or lemonade or beanie babies started falling from the sky, people would be so amazed! We complain about the rain all the time, but it's such an amazing thing! God just blows my mind!

Today we had that kind of rain, and I was quite the show of the college when I ran out to jump in some puddles.

There are 2 reasons why I puddle jump in the pouring rain: because enjoying the littlest, most natural things in life keep me full of joy, and because rain like that makes me feel close to God.

There is something about standing in the rain, letting myself get soaked to the bone and laughing as I jump in puddles that humbles me, and reminds me of the beauty God has brought into my life.

And also, growing up is scary. Filling my life with sweet, fun, simple and wonderful moments like that remind me to keep a childlike happiness. Sometimes I get made fun of because I laugh way to much and often can't control it, or because I occasionally behave "childishly", but to me, these behaviours are so wonderful. I may be crazy, but I am so, so completely happy, and that's something I'm not willing to give up.

So, I dare you, next time it rains like you can't even imagine, go outside. Be a kid, laugh, dance, jump. Who cares if people watch, who cares if you're soaked and who cares if your feet get a little dirty. Connect with your inner child, it's amazing how much joy he/she can bring. And everything else in life is just a little bit easier when joy shines through.

so what if i'm a nut case. I'm still friggen awesome.

"if a song could get me you."
there is a valuable difference between childishness and child-like.
- ella faye

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  1. I swear I could have written an exact copy of this from my own experience. I, too, love the rain and the simple childish things like jumping in puddles. Though it's been some time since I have jumped in puddles, my brothers and I make a habit of going out to play soccer in the warm rain, and I spent several hours out in the rain last weekend in waterloo. :)
    Wish I had've been there. Love this post.

    PS Listen to Photosynthesis by Frank Turner