Wednesday, 18 May 2011

and after this day, it's this week all over again.

it has rained here for what feels like 100 days in a row.

I realize this is unrealistic, because I haven't even been here for 100 days, but seriously, we've only had like, 1 or 2 sunny days since i've been here!

This also makes me very sad because this is the first term where more than half my classes take place outside of my building.

I feel like a ninja dodging from covered area to covered area while trying to avoid angry geese. My life has turned into some sick video game where geese might chase me if they see me (reminding me much of those damned bugcatchers/other opponents in Pokemon) and where each class is a different level, according to their distance/route from my room.

I mean, I could carry an umbrella, but a) My ninja skills have greatly diminished since not using them for four months, and b) I'm way too cool to be seen carrying an open umbrella.

Unfortunately, due to those darned environment students, my favourite route too and from class is under construction, so I've had to be creative and I feel like each time I have found a new route, a "Goose Nesting, use alternate route" sign pops up in my way (yes, this is for real). I have high hopes this will soon pass, as I've been seeing baby geese around campus (putting me up a severe level of difficulty in my life video game, man are those mama and papa geese protective! I'm legit terrified walking by them sometimes!).

Welcome to life in Waterloo. Hopefully the summertime will come soon enough, and the highlight of my days will be going outside and playing beach volleyball or kanjam rather than making it to class goose attack free and damp rather than soaked.


- ella faye

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