Thursday, 26 May 2011

go insane, go insane, throw some glitter, make it rain.

so i went clubbing with my friend Carrie last night.

I know it's was Wednesday (she just said "i'm telling you, it's the best time to get drunk!"), but we have Bomber night at the bar on campus and I'm on a two drink limit all the time as a don, so what does it matter what night I go out?

and this super hot, scottish smokeshow kissed me.

I was super happy, it seemed like I got my swagger back! He wasn't your typical clubbing guy, he was kind of sweet and shy! Seems like the kind of guy I would bring home to mama. (Baha, totally kidding, my mom would freak if I brought home some guy I met while clubbing, she's super conservative).

but then, he bailed on me! What a douchebag! I found his friend later, who explained to me that the scottish hottie totally has girlfriend!

I'm such a freaking homewrecker.

But when I said Germans were the best kissers, I might take it back. Scottish boys FTW.

The sun in Panama.
Athough he was great, this moment was better.

- ella faye

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