Wednesday, 4 May 2011

i never told you, i just held it in.

so, every term the residence has a fire drill.

we're all familiar with this process. it's considerably less exciting than in highschool, because instead of getting out of class to go socialize, we get suddenly awoken at 6 am by the alarm.

this time, however, i was kind of looking forward to it.

i'm on the don side of things now. i knew it was coming, and had planned to set my alarm for quarter too in order to allow time to get up and dressed, gather my keys and first aid kit, and to put on my stylish red "UW FIRE WARDEN" baseball cap that the dons get to wear for the drill. also, I would cleverly stand outside in the hallway and watch the girls groggily get up and rush out of the building in all of their "first thing in the morning" glory, as they would shoot evil eyes at me knowing that I had known and not given them warning.

at six o'clock, i sat on my bed, eagerly waiting and creeping past flames on facebook (we all do it, don't judge me). and nothing happening.

6:08 - i text the other dons. is the fire alarm still happening?

6:10 - trevor responds - as far as he is concerned this is still the plan. (phew, i didn't imagine that today was the day) he will call bjorn and give me an update. also, this had better not be a mean prank that bjorn is pulling on us.

6:12 - bjorn just got up, he will pull the alarm asap.

6:17 - i fall back asleep, dressed, with my running shoes and fire warden hat on. also, with the giant metal first aid kit in my bed.

6:23 - fire alarm finally goes off, waking me up. plans to stand outside and laugh at the girls = foiled! :(

However, the pleasure was still mine as I walked out all dressed, in my awesome hat. The girls all beat the guys out there, making me look like the super don that i aspire to be. also, i got to go in and help silence the alarm, and then brought the good news back to the residents that they could return to their slumbers. everyone loves that person at 6:30 am.

that person was me.

so, despite the wait, and the mishaps... fire alarm? mission accomplished.

awesome :)

- ella faye

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