Monday, 18 April 2011

you were the best i didn't know i didn't have

i hate goodbyes.

i'm also an ugly crier. 

worst combination ever.

last night i had to say goodbye to florian until i visit the boys in the summer. this was lame. 

it's funny how much of a home this became in four months. all of a sudden i can't imagine my life being any different then the way it is now.

i have to say, if i had to sum up what i've learned here, i would say "open your mind, eyes, and heart."

open your mind to the perspective of others. be aware that intentions are not always obvious. think about how others could perceive your words and actions, because miscommunication causes way too many heartbreaks.

open your eyes to see that not everyone is the same. see that there are people who are hurting, lonely or lost, and it's not always who you would think. the folks that i live with are some of the happiest people i know, and some of the assistants here need the most prayer. realize that each person is unique and wonderful, and try and look beyond initial assumptions.

and open your heart. let people in. take risks. i struggled with that during my stay here. should i invest in the people around me? i knew i had too with the folks in my house, but what about max and florian? what about the folks in the other houses? am i setting my self up for heartbreak? (the answer to that is yes). i did invest, and i opened my heart up to the people around me. and it changed me for the better. i treasure the relationships i've made here more than i can even express. and even though the goodbyes break my heart, i know i am a better, more well rounded and more complete person thanks to the relationships i established here.

i've taken the lessons i've learned here and placed them close to my heart. i could never go back to who i was once now that i see the world so differently.

take a risk. step out of your comfort zone for a couple months. fear would just stop you from experiencing an even more beautiful life.

max and i walking through montreal - courtesy of florian

- ella faye

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