Thursday, 21 April 2011

when no one is around you, say 'baby i love you'

i'm going to miss my little man Jay.

yesterday we had a servant's meal and footwashing service in honour of easter which is up and coming.

the footwashing is to be done in silent, but i was sitting next to my man jay. so, silence isn't exactly what we got.

he just wanted to hug me and kiss my cheek, sometimes we call him Ja-romeo because he's such a flirt. He was chatting me up, and even though it was all gibberish, it was super cute.

at one point i stopped, looked him in the eye and said "I'm sorry honey, i'm taken!"

he looked right back at me, said "Well?" and moved in for a kiss.

he knew what he wanted. me (i mean, who wouldn't? aha)

but, like always, i've thought beyond the moment.

how awesome would it be to be as bold as Jay. to be able to express your love for someone in front of so many people (all of community was there) in a moment of silence.

and sure, not everyone heard, but the people sitting directly around me did. Jay still didn't let the "social norms" stop him from expressing his feelings.

i wish i could live as unhindered as that.

there are plenty of things i would say to plenty of people, if i had the guts to speak up about my feelings (and be undeterred about their relationship status/history/whatever else might keep me quiet).

i wish i didn't have to live within the boundaries of my fears.

i'm working on it though. and i now have a role model in this lesson.

thanks jay. i said goodbye to him today as he is off to visit family for the weekend.

that man stole my heart so quickly. what a blessing from God that i got to have him in my life!

- ella faye

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