Friday, 15 April 2011

what kind of heart doesn't look back.

standing with my friend liz in the pouring rain after camp one day.

backstage boob massages during A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.

my first kiss, with graham, at the lake side as the sun finished setting.

the power outage at medeba with the LSI team, and Jeff's light up candy as our flashlight.

breakfast on the pier with my girlfriends last summer.

exploring turkey with my family.

swinging my hips to m.cyrus on stage with jeff z. in front of the whole college

daniel playing the guitar for me in the hammock on a warm summer evening.

snow wedding dresses with aurora and kara.

baking cookies with some of the people i live with.

tea time with Hin.

that moment when we did bows on stage everytime we performed Look and Babel.

giving charity the cue that music had started so she would begin to walk down the isle.

looking at constellations with dad.

spooning with tamara.

monopoly deal with Sarah, John, Kevin and Trevor.

rocking out in the car to Justin Bieber with max and flo.

the backseat of kevin's car on the way to collingwood with nathan and trevor.

the cast of Acting Ups Beauty and the Beast singing the closing number.

painting nails in Panama - and falling asleep in my hammock.

winning the outstanding stage manager's award for Scarlet Moon.

giving an orphan named myriam in mexico a teddy bear, and hearing she named it ellie.

telling stories around the campfire.

holding hands on late night walks.

following bird tracks.

laying out in the sun.

good chats.


loving the people around me.

being loved.

my life is a series of beautiful moments.

- ella faye

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