Monday, 4 April 2011

open up your mind to see like me.

Lesson learned today.

You're not supposed to eat your necklace.

I mean, I wasn't actually going too, it's funny the things you do without thinking about it, and the reaction it stirs in people who see things from a different point of view.

Can you imagine taking everything literally?! Seeing your friend chew on their necklace, and actually being concerned that they are about to eat their jewelery! I wish I could zap myself into my housemates' brains sometimes, and see the world through their perspective.

Working with the folks has really helped me to understand things differently, and even though there are moments like this that still surprise me, I have to say, the three months I have been working here has really changed me.

The folks I work with are different. They live differently, and they see things differently. But, you and I are different too. You might interpret someone as cocky, where someone else might see them as insecure and trying to make up for it. You might laugh when something is uncomfortable to you, while someone else sees that as ignorant. We live our lives full of miscommunications, it's no wonder life is so confusing! I mean, we know that in our heads, but I just don't think we give each other the benefit of the doubt enough. We can never judge someone else's intentions, and really, it's their intentions that should count the most.

If I could back to September, there are a lot of things I would do over. Assuming people understood where I was coming from with different ideas and actions led to a lot of hurt and upset, and lost me two people I valued and respected a lot. I mean, I still stand by the fact that my actions weren't entirely wrong, but i can see how it seemed my intentions were hurtful, which they weren't. Now I live with the burden everyday of knowing I caused a tremendous amount of hurt without even meaning too.

I guess it's up to them now to take my apology and accept it. But seriously, it's amazing how differently people think. I wish it was easier to not to assume someone thinks the way I do because we both look "normal". No one is normal, and sometimes, the things my housemates think up make way more logical and simpler sense than I could have ever conjured up.

Like seriously, she saw me pick up my necklace and put it in my mouth! No wonder she reacted the way she did! Lesson Learned.

- ella faye

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