Saturday, 9 April 2011

i feel this fight. it is slowly dying, now that i've been painless.

if you asked Miss M what she's proud of, she'd grab her boobs.

a woman after my own heart.

I'm the type of girl that I don't like. Over confident.

Or at least I pretend to be.

I'm really just like any other girl. I have super big insecurities.

Yeah, I'd love to be 15 pounds lighter, like I was before my dad died, or even better, 20 pounds lighter like a couple of years ago.

I have these awful bumps on my arms, they go red, and I hate them, especially when people touch them.

I have bad finger and toe nails, and I try to paint them all the time to cover them up, but I can't always stay on top of it.

My skin is dry all of the time, ughh.

And, we've been over my blushing issue.

But, I know in my head, that I'm beautiful. I might have these insecurities, but I also look in the mirror each morning and feel like I'm gorgeous.

I was made beautifully. I am wanted. I am loved.

There is nothing wrong with me feeling this way and expressing it.

I wish I could show that I might be confident in myself, but I sure as hell haven't got it all together. I just accept what I've got.

If I couldn't love myself, it'd be hypocritical to ask someone else too.

- ella faye

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