Wednesday, 20 April 2011

and you'll never find your way back.

dear readers.

i'm sorry i didn't blog today, i was very busy spending my day being whisked around by max in celebration of our last day off together.

to sum it up:

when living in a l'arche home, when coming home at 1 am, one must be particularly quiet, or a coremember who can;t tell time might tell your boss you didn't come home till 7 am
a chai latte and eye spy books are a recipe for romance
i have cruder humour than half the boys who also saw "your highness" today
germans have delicious food
i can get by one 6 - 7 hours of sleep a night if i have to make it happen
i could cuddle for the rest of my life
i need a new plan of action to cover up hickies now that it is warm outside, a turtle neck or scarf won't cut it.

- ella faye

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