Friday, 22 April 2011

and our walls fall down.

dean gave the guy who pumps my gas the finger once.

dean is the youngest core member in my house.  at 37, he is pretty active in the community and with his family, and he's always had a bit of a thing for me.

as a result of this, he and i don't spend a lot of one on one time together, to help not encourage feelings of an inappropriate relationship.

so, the other day, i had to drive him to floor hockey, and on the way we stopped to get gas.

i live in a small town, where we actually have full serve gas stations that will also check your fluids and fill up your tires for free. so i'm sitting there having the tank filled and the cute young guy pumping our gas was chatting with me.

and by chatting with me, i mean, desperately obviously trying to flirt with me. i did mention it's a small town right?  i'm still the new girl. aha.

and out of no where, when he goes to pass my credit card back, dean gives this guy the finger!

i was so shocked, this is totally unlike him. he must have been jealous that the cute gas boy was getting most of the attention during part of our one on one time.

lesson? (because i always have one)... give people the time and love they need while they are in your life. don't get distracted by unimportant things.

dean needed a little one on one attention, and i wasn't 100% committed to the little bit of time we had together.

i had to say goodbye to him yesterday, and i miss him dearly already. i wish i hadn't wasted so many moments with him, not only this one, but just, as a whole during the duration of my time here. because he was more able than Miss M or Jay, sometimes he got overlooked.

i'll take this lesson to heart, especially when i come back in the fall for Ella's L'Arche Experience take 2.

- ella faye

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