Wednesday, 6 April 2011

sometimes i can't make it alone.

Sometimes, people walk back into your life after a long time of being gone, and they can turn way too much around in a moment.

Sometimes, it's easier to accept a hurt from long ago, then to realize just now that you were wrong long ago.

Sometimes, it's okay to lay in bed and cry all day.

But sometimes, it's better to pull yourself together and appreciate all the good you have been given.

Sometimes, it's okay to "re-fall" for someone, even if they hurt you.

Sometimes, i'd rather eat ice cream and watch criminal minds by myself than go out.

Sometimes, a good Taylor Swift song is a better friend to me than my real best friend is.

Sometimes, I laugh at the most awkward and inappropriate moments. Like at my dad's funeral.

But sometimes, that's exactly the right thing to do to ease the tension or sadness.

Sometimes, it's good to take risks that will lead to heartbreak.

Sometimes, everyone needs to treat themselves to dinner alone, it's good for the soul.

Sometimes, it's good to be super independent, and to feel like you can take on the world.

But sometimes I can't make it alone.

- ella faye


  1. Great post! Your love for T-Swift redeems you in my books because your love for Kesha is not cool :p

  2. There's not a day when I don't miss your laughter during awkward inappropriate moments.
    Beautiful post.