Monday, 27 June 2011

it's funny how you find you enjoy your life when you're happy to be alive.

Member that time, when I said I would improve my work ethic?

I didn't happen,

Well, It kinda has, I mean, I have been working really hard on my speech due Wednesday, about why I disagree with the use of and how come students should avoid using it when alternate methods are offered.

I think I'm totally on a roll, and I think I make a really convincing argument.

However, that doesn't help the fact that I have a monster midterm tomorrow and I haven't even cracked the textbook. lamelamelamelamelame.

But. I want to tell you a completely silly and ridiculous story that made my day yesterday.

Andrea wasn't the only person baptized yesterday, and one little girl who may have changed my life.

In her story about her life, and how she came to follow God, she mentioned being totally terrified of geese.

I had to let out a little laugh as she said this, and a friend of mine said to me "It's like she's reading an insert from your blog!" (you can see the post he was referencing here)

This girl could not have been older than 13, and she was talking about her fear of geese, and how when she prayed once, the geese just all peaced out and she could walk where ever she was going in peace.

Super lame and hilarious story, with super huge meaning. I love it, it's like the story of my life.

I am not alone, in my fear of geese, or, anything else for that matter.

And God has control of even the most minor details of my life, because even the most trivial things can be a big deal in my life.

I am so, so blessed. Also, I'm super glad this fear of geese thing is being brought to light.

If the fear of geese is affecting your everyday life, click here for a great guide on how to avoid attacks from geese. this is serious people. follow these instructions, so far this year, I have not had any dangerous encounters.

now, back to studying!

- ella faye

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