Tuesday, 21 June 2011

i could get back on the right track, but only if you'd be convinced.

Sorry once again,

being in school and trying to blog is super hard.

so much happened over the weekend:

friday - i went to Sarah's to evaluate his brother's new girlfriend

she gets the pass, a little quiet for me, but Sarah and I can be intimidating.
she doesn't eat ice cream, which is weird, but whatever floats her boat.
she made a pretty good euchre partner, this is promising,
she's not into facial hair, i get it but have different taste.

saturday - went to my mom's bf's house

met his kids
i'm too awkward around them, i've never had a sister before, i don't know how to react to her
and i have two brothers, so i handle the son better, but serious, he's a debby downer.

then, sarah's grad party

partying on a two drink limit, nbd. (donning restrains these things)
anytime with Sarah is a good time
more euchre
nathan kept talking pokemon to me, major turn on, what a tease.
jairaj's mom = hottest mom ever (sorry mom).

sunday - brought my macbook in for a repair and they gave me a new one

then, medieval times with the fam (and Jame's (mom's bf) fam, and my Aunt Cheryl's fam)
super cheesy and fun
red and yellow knight - ughh soooo cute.
i wanted to give him my number, but totally chickened out.

monday - work work work

an essay and an assignment both due that i hadn't started
started and finished them both
went to trivia night at the bomber,
i knew one of the answers but the boys didn't believe me.

then deep convos with john, trevor and chris, more about that tomorrow,

so i hope you understand why i didn't write. i hope to pull it all together soontimes.

"hold me without touch."

- ella faye

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