Monday, 13 June 2011

i don't do sadness. not even a little bit, (i just don't need it in my life).

my name is ella.

and i'm a Call of Duty addict.

also, the Sims.

and it seems like L.A. Noire is becoming an issue too.

but it's okay,

because girls who play video games are sexy.

I feel like a new, stronger woman now! I've moved on from last week's boy problems, I'm giving myself a fresh start, and I like shooting zombies.

Over the weekend, I spent more time playing video games then  I did sleeping, studying, eating or playing cards.

#3 from last post - check.

next on my list.

Kan Jam.

My friend Janice and I are entering our residence's Kan Jam Tournament. I suck and she's never played, but we're going to wear awesome costumes, laugh a lot, and make wild fools of ourselves.

I think people need to enjoy life more. We take everything so seriously all the time, but why!?

My goal for the rest of the summer is to laugh as much as humanly possible. I'm over sad. I'm over heartbreak. I'm ready for lots of laughing.

Kan Jam with Janice will provide this.

So will celebrating my friend Jeff's 19th birthday (we're hilarious dancers).

So is having Sarah come visit me on weekends, and I think meeting her brother's new girlfriend with her will be a riot.

Also, getting better than all the boys at COD,

and planning sweet, awesome and amazing floor/college events for the residents.

My energy is going to be well used for the rest of the summer.

Bring. It. On.

summer '07. jess and i being awesome.

- ella faye

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