Friday, 10 June 2011

i'd rather sleep my whole life away, than have you keep me from dreaming.

I know  I said I'd give stories about camping,

but it still makes me sad.

so instead, i'll tell you about my dodgeball game today.

So, remember how I explained how amazing I am at volleyball?

Well i'm equally good at dodgeball,

with the exception, that I dress up in full on, tight and bright.

I've got my neon knee highs, blue shortshorts, BIEBER FEVER tee shirt, and the classic headband across my forehead. I'm the definition of sexy.

I did not catch the dodgeball once. Nor did I ever get anyone else. But I rocked my style and team spirit, and was the last woman standing TWICE (wayyyy to intense for me, i might have nightmares about it.)

I'm proud of myself.

I accept that I'm by no means athletic, but I see the fun in things, even when I'm not very good.

Sometimes I'm too embarrassed to step out of my comfort zone, but I'm working on overcoming it.

Step one: Volleyball

Step two: Dodgeball

Step three: Video Games?

I'll never improve if I never try, right?

"i'll be strong. and if not now, it won't be long."

- ella faye

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