Wednesday, 29 June 2011

baby, i have no story to be told.

I think I got high off coughdrops today.

I took above the recommended dose of cepacol (that's intense stuff man) and let me explain:

I went to class to give my speech, jumped right into asking questions without saying hi to the prof (he laughed at me because he knew I was nervous, but it was kinda rude), I giggled like mad, I was all highstrung, then he told me I was too nice to be a Don. I laughed and said I was a mean Don (i'm not really, but I do make sure people follow the rules), and that I've been known to be called "Elisabitch" (true story). He laughed, I laughed, but, in hindsight, probably not a good move to explain to a prof right before he grades me. I do the speech, I thought I did pretty well, but I missed some important points, oh well, life goes on. Then, about two speeches after mine, I crashed. I feel tired, have a headache and couldn't focus. It's like a throat lozenge hangover man!

Now, i'm "listening" to my uneducated, overconfident prof, who actually reduced to just throwing out words with no logical cohesiveness this class ("Logic, Leader, Spirit.. You know what I me?" "No, I don't know what you mean, make sentences please"). And then later I get to watch Ghostbusters to write a paper on it for this class. I have a lolz life today.

It's a good thing I'm too busy to care about the whole Keegan thing. I know he's upset about how I told him I was hurt, and then that maybe we should have a little space for a while. He knows I don't love his girlfriend, but I deal with all her drama and she makes him upset all the time, and I just sit and listen and try and help him make it better. But, he is supposed to be my friend and stick with me no matter what. I was in his life before her, and I will be there after her, so why does she still manage to trump me in every way possible!? Ugh. Boys are lame.

But you know what, after class I'll pop another few lozenges and I won't even care anymore!

- ella faye

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