Wednesday, 8 June 2011

and give me the proof that you really care.

Today i feel a lot better. i feel cried out and tired, but my friends have risen up around me and been awesome. I won two games of Euchre last night with my epic euchre partner Kassym (but don't worry Jeff, we are no where near as good as team Jesabeth was!). I chatted with my friend Trevor, who always makes me laugh (usually at myself but he has his moments too) and settled down in bed to a good episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

I guess since my heart feels a little bit lighter, I might as well share some of the highlights of my trip.

I loved how much Florian loved the trip. He was just amazed when we got to the campsite, and wanted to look at/take pictures of everything. Sometimes I forget how beautiful Ontario can be, and it was nice to be reminded.

I might have been camping with two smart, creative, innovative and handy guys, but apparently, the concept of a camping stove is above and beyond all of us, and the guy from the site next door. With put a lot of time and effort into making this stove happen, and it just wouldn't! I have to laugh at the thought of how clueless we are. Max almost had it working at one point, but alas, we were in the end defeated and had to cook everything over the fire all weekend. It all turned out okay, but we lost a fair amount of food into the firepit below. Oh well :)

On Sunday, we hiked the Barron Canyon trail. Breathtaking and amazing. But I will follow this up with a full blogpost another day.

There was a lot of mosquitos. My whole body is spotted and sore. It adds to my current grouchy factor. I have tried: burning them, toothpaste, making an X with my nails. If you have other remedies, please, please, please, i'm begging you, let me know.

I have some other stories too, but I figured I'd just give you a brief over view of my trip. Check out Florian's blog and pictures HERE! You can read his stories and see his pictures (if you open it in Chrome, it'll translate, otherwise go to Sehen for pictures!)

I promise, I have some awesome stories, I just need to wait for the joy that I lost on Monday to replenish itself, and it will soon. I may have been knocked down, but I'm a strong, tough, wonderful woman, and I deserve to find someone who never wants to break my heart.

It may suck now, but I will learn and grow.

watch out, he'll charm you.

- ella faye

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