Wednesday, 15 June 2011

3 bucks. 2 bags. 1 me.

Oh heyyyyy.

Sorry I haven't been writing a lot, it's been crazy essay/midterm/donning/videogames time in my life, and to be honest, I haven't been feeling entirely creatively inspired.

I feel a little overwhelmed these days, I have so much happening and I always feel like my list of things to do is entirely too long. I'm trying to read these two books to write a paper on from my criminology class. I feel like it's just too impossible. I only have another 200 pages to read, and I've done that in one day before, but for some reason it seems so far over my head this week. The paper is only 5 pages, applying sociological theories to these books, which I think should only take a solid 3 hours of writing, but for some reason, this term, it seems impossible.

I don't get stressed about school, and I wouldn't say I'm stressed about this, I just feel overwhelmed. Maybe I'm just out of the swing of things, but I know what I'm capable of, and I know I can do this. So why does it seem so far from reach?! This is just so unlike me!

Maybe it's just how different everything in my life is. I'm donning, I'm in school for the summer, I'm single, Sarah isn't in Renison with me, so I'm having to make new friends, my mom is kind of MIA with her new boyfriend, my whole life is entirely flipped around from where it was a year ago. I'm doing everything differently now, because I'm different now.

I guess I'll get back to reading now. Maybe my work ethic is better than I thought it was.

Two years ago, I was a "dirty napkin" in Beauty and the Beast.
I never thought so much would have changed! 

- ella faye

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