Monday, 1 October 2012

our love was, comfortable.

so, i have mixed reviews about paintballing.

we went, and there were like 40 people in our group so we had the whole game to ourselves. I was on Team Animal, because I have a longstanding reputation with the Dons of Animal, and we were playing against the other all boys floor, FUBAR. 

my adrenaline was pumping, people were yelling, i was being pelted at all angles. it was insane. all day i was like "man, this is awesome, i want to paintball all the time!"

everyone was all camoflauged out, crawling in the grass, screaming in pain. i particularly liked the scenario where we had to take some dynamite and load a gun in the other teams base. we didn't win, but the landscaping was awesome, and it was super intense. it was like Star Wars Battlefront except it was real life, not  in space, and only humans, also no space battles, and i friggen hate space battles, so that was awesome. also, i didn't have to remember to move my head with my body, which is an issue for me when I play video games, but in real life, my body does that naturally so it was a lot less frustrating.
but, today, i have different feelings. my whole body feels like it has a charlie horse. i am finding purple welts on all areas of my body, and my muscles want me to die. everything i was worried about camp true. also, the paint looks like dried sperm all over my clothes that i wore because it was goopy and white. i know was it is but i'm still judging myself a little bit.

also, when i clothes my eyes i relive feeling so scared as we called the beginning of the game, and wanting to hide but running towards angry, armed FUBARians. 

so, i am having very conflicted emotions about my experience yesterday. maybe i'll just have to go again sometime and see if i still enjoy it in the moment knowing what the next days feels like. i still have lots of free passes, so maybe i can convince another group of people to make a trip out.

either way, i still don't know why paintballing became a big thing. i think i definitely like lazer quest better, because it's like paintballing without the pain in glow in the dark, and making anything less painful and glow-in-the-dark improves it, obviously. who doesn't love glow-in-the-dark things!?

well, that's that for now, i'd better be off to do real work for school, since i spent all day yesterday shooting aimlessly at FUBAR.

- ella faye

team animal dons FTW. (even though we lost, we're still really good looking and awesome)

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