Wednesday, 3 October 2012

forgive yourself, because i took pictures of everything you've been missing.

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

one of the things i look forward too every year as a residence don is Gotcha. an epic game of tag where you are hunting while being hunted.

the premise of the game is that you have a safety item, this year it's a pirate sword. so long as i am holding my safety item, i am safe, because someone in the residence (i have no idea who) is hunting me to catch me without it.

i am also hunting someone, and as a don, i have the advantage of knowing who most of the people in the building are, and if i don't, i have access to everyone's photos through the college. it's awesome.

this gets freaking intense. people have followed people home, to the gym, to work. people camp out outside other people's rooms and follow them to classes. this is the real deal, and it's something that i think makes residence life so amazing.

as i'm nearing the end of my university experience, i'm really appreciating how important it is to have a balance of fun and work. i mean, i've never worked too too hard, and i've always valued fun, but now, knowing I only have another year left, i just want to soak in all the experiences that i can. people lied when they say high school is the best years of your lives, because this is way, way better.

- ella faye

p.s. best line i've heard so far in gotcha as people try and find out who the person they are hunting is? "Excuse me, how many of the guys on your floor are white?"

my sword, Wynton and I. bffls. 

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