Tuesday, 2 October 2012

love, will you turn out the lights (cause we're already home)

my life is full of wonderful people.

jason, thank you for teaching me to open up the ugly sides of me and own them as part of who i am.
meg, thank you for making me laugh in my hardest moments.
jeffrey, thank you for enjoying little things with me.
ainsley, thank you for warming my heart with your gentle spirit. also, for inspiring me everyday.
keegan, thank you for holding on.
nathan, thank you for teaching me i'm worth fighting for.
sarah, thank you for always supporting me, and listening so well to my hardships.
luc, thank you for always having fun with me.
nick and miguel, thank you for keeping me grounded.
kaitlyn, thank you for being the sister i never got.
nancy, thank you for always seeing the good in me, and for fighting for me when i needed it.
treetop, thank you for making my job worth it.
scott and heather, thank you for bringing the joy back into my life.
cassie, thank you for showing me i have value to someone.
john, thank you for being such a great example of what a friend should be.
michael, thank you for loving me unconditionally.

you are all examples of how good god is.

- ella faye

kaitlyn. man i miss that girl.
p.s. 150 posts :) thats why this one is extra meaningful.

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