Wednesday, 10 October 2012

our treehouse and our saturdays are gone.

let me tell you a bit about my dad, cause i miss him:

dad was super charismatic, and i think i got a lot of that from him.

he was also super persuasive, and could make you see any side of an argument.

he really loved Tim Horton's French Vanilla Cappuccinos, and the Bacon and Egg McMuffin from McDonalds, and we'd always stop for one or the other when we were out.

he never missed a single play i was ever a part of, and he is the only person in the world who did that for me.

he loved fixing things, or at least trying too.

he had a terrible fashion sense.

he always followed through for things, even if he was up until 3 am with me helping me finish an assignment or if he had to drive things to school for me the next day.

he struggled with mental illness, but once you could see past it, he was extremely loving and passionate.

he always wanted to help everyone whichever way he could.

he used to play the flute with me in the basement and i always loved the way it sounded.

he was really really picky when it came to naming my brothers and i.

when i was upset, he'd always tell me to squeeze his hand as hard as i could until i felt better, even into adulthood.

when i was little, he'd always take me for breakfast on weekends for "daddy-daughter time"

he's the only other person on the planet who really loved my dog, Buster, other than me. But dad loved Buster the most without a doubt.

he had a form for guys who wanted to date me to fill out, and he'd interview them, but really, it was just him giving me time to decide what I wanted, and if I wanted to bail out before it was official, he would deny the guy for me.

his favourite movie was "A Walk to Remember", but he'd always deny it. (He'd also text me whenever he found it on TV no matter where I was)

he took me to the woodworking show like, a million times. And I complained about it, but I loved it.

he had yahtzee on his phone and he always let me play it secretly in church.

he always encouraged me to challenge myself and to fight for what i believe in.

he was the cool dad in my friend group, and we could always count on him to pick us up from a party we shouldn't have been at or from a bad day without getting told on.

he taught me how to drive, and in turn, to face some of my biggest fears.

he loved my brothers and i a lot, and he was really proud of us.

no one is a perfect person, and dad wasn't even close. but beyond the things he struggled with that changed the way he thought or acted sometimes, he was a sweet loving and supportive dad. and can you ask for too much more?

mom tells me i got ripped off in life because of him, but i think it's the opposite. i think he think he taught me to love myself before loving other people, to speak my mind, to fight for what is heavy on my heart and to see people for their true self, no matter how much someone's circumstances mars how they may be seen.

today is his day, and i miss him tons.

- ella faye

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