Saturday, 29 September 2012

watch the stars, they're ours.

first thing is first,

michael and i worked everything out. that boy really is the love of my life, and he and i discussed ways to make sure i am not feeling abandoned. he really is the love of my life.

in other news, i'm going paintballing for the first time tomorrow, and I am scared shitless. let me tell you a list of things that i hate a lot.

1. Getting Hurt
2. Getting Sick
3. Being Slimy
4. Exercise
5. Creamed Corn
6. Blisters
7. When boys get super competitive and forget that I have feelings
8. Those creepy guys who stand around the outside of a dance floor at a club
9. Lasagna Night in the Caf

So obviously, Paintballing doesn't really appeal to me. Also, I'm poor. But at least it'll be an experience

So anyways, please pray your brain out that I survive the weekend. Also, since I abandoned homework all day because I was having an emotional day, so that also needs to happen.

bahhhhh. i'm so nervous.

I will make sure I fill you in about how my day goes tomorrow, assuming i make it through.

take care

- ella faye

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