Monday, 24 September 2012

It's a slow fire-burn

I am currently sitting in my developmental psychology class, and it is really ironic how much I can relate the content to my life.

We're discussing the amazing amount of innate knowledge it takes for someone to simply go through the motion of walking. The prof keeps using the image of a symphony, as so many muscles and neurons are required to be in use to do something so many people do each and every day.

Well isn't this just like anything else in my life? I have to work so many details and things together in order to succeed at something that someone else might think would be so simple.

I'm a daughter, a girlfriend,  a sister, a friend, a cousin, a student, a confidant, a don, a employee, a mediator, a teacher, and am actively seeking employment.

And it's all a balance. It's a day by day process where each choice that I make influences all the other aspects of my life.

And I love it.

Yeah, I'm tired. Sometimes I feel burnt out, but my life is full of love, laughter, experiences and joy. And what more could I ask for ?

Sometimes I think university students get way too caught up in the "right now" and in turn become selfish and ignorant to what life really holds.

We have so much and we are blessed to be here. There are big concerns like people who need help overcoming mental illness, or people teased because of their sexuality, or not having needs met because of a disability because society ignores them, so how much does your ten percent science test really matter? I doesn't, because life and people are what really should matter.

And I am not judging anyone, because I do this all the time. How can I watch someone make a women'srights joke on tv but I cry when someone calls me a bad don?

Life and love are beautiful, but difficult. And my time this term, which has been full of changing and overwhelming experiences, has taught me this. I'm looking forward to growing in who I am, and who I can be.

- Ella Faye

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