Thursday, 13 September 2012

shooting stars, falling leaves.

as i relaunch my blog (yes, Jeff, likely because of you), i felt i should start with this poem i was given by a friend. my heart aches these days, and sometimes you need a reminder of the beauty of what love and life is. 

Every Girl Looks For

the Mr. Darcy to her Miss Elizabeth (someone to disagree with)
the Romeo to her Juliet (someone to runaway with)
the Ned to her Chuck (someone to love after death)
the Jack to her Rose (someone to die in the ocean with)
the Billy to her Penny (someone to share frozen yogurt with)
the Peter to her Wendy (someone to fly away with)
the Ron to her Hermione (someone to bicker with)
the Noah to her Allie (someone to never give up on)
the Booth to her Brennan (someone to be partners with)
the Wall-E to her Eve (someone to save the human-race with)
the Johnny to her Baby (someone to dance with)
the Castle to her Beckett (someone to solve mysteries with)
the Gilbert to her Anne (someone to compete with)
the Ross to her Rachel (someone to laugh with)

but when it comes right down to it,
all i need is you

a poem by Shannon Hawke

- ella faye

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