Saturday, 17 December 2011

and sometime soon after that, you'll see me come crawling back.

i feel like the essence of who i am is lost in the crazy that is life here.

the videos i've been posting have been me, trying with all i have, to capture the moment's where i am alive again. where i am reminded why i'm here.

but i feel like.
i'm just a girl who max didn't care enough about to stay loyal and close.
who's father hit her.
who dated the wrong guy for way to long, and let him push her too far.
who's mother is trying to buy her affection because she knows her new boyfriend trumps all us kids.
who, frankly, is a result of my mom marrying the wrong man.
and who can't be consoled by anyone here in this isolated, and lonely place.

only one more week. 
my heart aches for home right now.

it's been a long four months, but i'm reminded in the simple moments as i'm dancing with marian or talking hockey with doug, that life is beautiful, and that my purpose is much greater than i understand.

- ella faye

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