Tuesday, 25 September 2012

and morning came, and it felt like truth.

i've been reading anne of green gables,

and although i haven't finished, and don't know if i will,

i learned a lot.

anne talks so much of kindred spirits and bosom friends, and i always thought it was this romantic unrealistic idea of just knowing when you belong in a friendship with someone. i questioned her relationship with diana, because i didn't know if i could fiercely love someone so passionately without having romantic feelings for them.

but i learned l.m.montgomery was really onto something today.

i casual chat with a friend turned into a heart warming and beautiful experience.

i shared so many things that i never thought i might ever be able to voice to another human being.

my body is tired, and i have to wake up early,

but my soul is full.

- ella faye

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