Sunday, 3 July 2011

our hearts speak in whispers.

dear cute boy that i totally have a thing for,

you're really nice. you make me laugh and i like that.

you're also super cute. you have especially nice eyes. but i'm sure girls tell you that all the time.

i like being around you because you make me feel comfortable, even though you make fun of me sometimes.

i think you should have a thing for me back. i know i'm awkward and clumsy, and sometimes i say the wrong thing, and i'm too loud, and i have a funny laugh. but i'm nice, i have a good heart, i'll make you laugh and i'm a really great kisser. i think we'd make a super good team.

i can't tell if you're just a super nice guy, or if you'd consider me back. please just ask me out for coffee so I know if you like me. i promise i'll say yes so nothing to worry about.

i'm getting impatient because i'd be super sad if someone nabbed you up if you were thinking you didn't stand a chance with me. i know you're a pretty busy guy and you don't know if you'd have time for someone, but i'm a pretty busy person myself - one more reason we'd be awesome.

so, cute boy that i totally have a thing for, sweep me off my feet.

i'm so ready, and i think this'd be and awesome thing.

- ella faye

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