Monday, 4 July 2011

make a list of everything you need - leave it empty.

i spent my Canada day - for the most part - inside my res building, working on an assignment due at midnight, with a bad cold, and a champion sunburn. 

it had moments, where it was exactly as lame as it sounds.

I was on duty as a don, so I couldn't leave the property, but in the afternoon, Bjorn covered for me so I could go to the Canada day fair with my awesome bff Nzinga. 

We had a super fun time! I raced in a potato sac race (and lost, oh well), I raced some like, 4 year old little girl in an obstacle course - i obviously let her win - who's mom was cheering for me more than her daughter, it was serious lolz. I got a sweet henna tattoo of Charmeleon and I ate a delicious freezee (more delicious when free, and on Canada day). 

then, I took my sunburnt self back to residence to hold down the fort while everyone else partied it up. Some of the residents (the most awesome ones in res this term, i might add) stayed back and played cards with me upon return from fireworks, and Chris even battled pokemon cards with me (awesome) and the college was quiet and peaceful. it turned out to be an okay Canada day despite my rough morning.

now I have sweet tan lines. charmeleon tattooed on my body. a reputation for being a pokemon master and a unique canada day story. 

i think my canada day was probably better than yours. just sayin'.

- ella faye

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