Thursday, 7 July 2011

i got guilt on my hands - i need to give myself a second chance.

please don't judge me for the following post.

if you are a judgemental person, stop reading here.

this is your last warning, you can not have any negative thoughts or feelings towards me as a result of the following post.

i went to bomber wednesday with carrie again, with the promise that I would not make out with a stranger.


we ran into a bunch of friends from residence in first year, celebrating someone's birthday. we also ran into like, 5 people from my speech communications class, which is weird, because there is only like 20 people in the class, and Carrie, a girl from residence named Amanda and I are also all in this little class.

so Amanda made a dare to me - to kiss one of the people from our speech communications class before the end of the night.

naturally, i accepted the challenge.

naturally, i won the dare.

i'm super super competitive, and sometimes it clouds my judgement.

i felt guilty when I came home, i mean, this isn't the person who I want to be.

but alas, it happened, and it makes a pretty sweet story. I just am super not looking forward to class on monday.

so please don't judge me, i judge myself enough. and seriously, this is the last time this happens.

this isn't the type of person that i want to be! from hereon in i'm getting some more class!

- ella faye

p.s. bryan, don't tell mom. thanks, i owe you one.

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