Friday, 8 July 2011

you've got everything i want - you've got sharp and sparkling pleasure.

dear super cute boy that i wrote too earlier.

you keep making me like you.

and because of that, you suck.

i'd appreciate if you'd be less nice for a day or two. give me at least one reason not to long for your attention.

i'd go out of my way to have you notice me the way i'd like. give me a clue. send me a sign. or just turn into a giant total douchebag so i know to decide you suck.

i know i have other options, but i couldn't take them up whole heartedly knowing this was a maybe.

so stop being a giant wuss and either be super lame, or super awesome.

preferably the latter.



- ella faye

p.s. seriously, you know we'd be awesome. just take a chance on me!

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