Wednesday, 6 July 2011

except for number one, write love. gamble everything.

let me tell you about one of my favourite people on the face of the earth.

florian kamhuber.

he has not had the best experience in the last few months. first, having to become a champion staff person and taking over a lot of responsibility when his boss was sick - then suffering from a concussion - then being diagnosed with post concussion syndrome - then having to make the decision to go home to germany because his sick leave would take up most of his time here in canada - then having to tell people.

he is just the sweetest, most genuine guy I think i've ever met. He's just so awesome. I'm heartbroken that I won't be able to spend time going on adventures with him in september. I'm sad that our last goodbye anded up being our last goodbye. I'm sad that he's going through such a rough time!

he's one of those people who deserve everything good to happen to them in life, because he just puts so much effort into making other people happy.

we used to watch 1000waystodie together, and just laugh and laugh at the ridiculous stories this show provides. and he likes martinis not beer. and he's a good cook, makes a mean pasta salad (like seriously, one of the best pasta salads i've ever eaten) and he's just generally all around amazing.

i'm super lucky to have met him, in fact, my life is probably better than yours solely on his part aha. but honestly, i wish i could meet more people like flo.

selfishly, i'm upset because i'm scared of being lonely when i return to L'Arche in the fall. I know i will still have other coworkers that I love, but I was nice to have someone with the same time off as me to go on adventures with. I was counting on him to help bridge the gap between me and the new staff to help me make new friends there. Now, there are no guarantees. My first month at L'arche was so incredibly lonely and miserable. My biggest fear is to go through that all again, and I know it's super selfish, but I wish Flo would still be there to help me out.

I know he's making the best choice, and I totally don't blame him! but I will miss him super much. I don't know if L'Arche can top him (no offence to my future potential friends who will potentially have his job).

Since I know you're reading this Flo. You rock. You're hot, hilarious and awesome, and I look forward to visiting you back home. Don't forget me, and have safe travels!

- ella faye

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