Sunday, 20 March 2011

you have given me a heart attack. you'll never know.

Okay. So, today is one of those days where, it seems, my confidence can not be shaken.

I woke up, and worked this morning, as always. Tired and grungy, I did my thing, and I could tell my coworker was peeved, and I didn't even care. After morning routines, I went to get ready for church, where I take Miss M on Sundays. I thought I looked awesome, a cute high waisted skirt with tights and heels, and a black tee to go with it with a little detail on the neckline. I looked awesome. However, I get out, and the other live in assistant that I work with is all "That's not the most flattering outfit I've seen you in" and I'm all like, whatever, I look awesome all the time no matter what, :) Keeping in mind, looking back, I do see her point!

Off to Church, everyone is super over friendly like always, I'm trying to chat with this nice lady who remembered my name all service but I couldn't for the life of me tell you hers. Miss M is running a riot, has had enough and is leaving with or without me, so I chase her down and  head off to Tim Horton's for lunch together.

I drop my camera and it skids across the floor of Tim's, and I totally laughed it off (and pulled out the Bend and Snap in my cute skirt to pick it up, watch out cute boys of Arnprior). Then, I get home, and find out that the two cute german boys that work in the other houses here are coming half an hour early to move furniture for me here, since we're doing some renovations. Half an hour less to shower/get all ready/shave my legs. You have to look good if two super hot german boys are going to be doing heavy lifting in your house. I'm pretty sure it's a rule somewhere.

So I shower, blow dry my hair, put on mascara (it's the golden rule), and realize it's one of those days that nothing looks good on me. I mean, this morning, everything looked good on me, but suddenly a shower made me too lumpy for any of my clothes. So I settle on sweat pants and a tee shirt, the boys can deal, and a comfy girl and still be sexy right? But don't worry, my efforts were not wasted, they were capris, to at least show off my shaved legs.

The boys come, I feel frumpy. They look at hot moving furniture, I'm baking in the kitchen. As a thank you for moving the furniture, I promised them cookies. They sit down in the kitchen after much work, and I open the oven to realize I've burnt the cookies. This is that moment in the day, where I immediately think to myself, "Am I going to burst out in tears?" because nothing has managed to work out for me. But instead, I just burst out laughing. I couldn't even control it.

I quickly made some more cookies with the leftover dough and they came out perfect.

Now, I get to relax, and wait for the Amazing Race to come on. Seriously though, if the Cowboys get kicked off tonight, I'll cry.

I wish everytime I had a bad day, I could totally brush it off like today. I must totally be doing something right!


I'm off to keep having awful things happen to me that are hilarious.

- ella faye

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