Sunday, 6 March 2011

it seems to me this thing is breaking down.

out of the hundreds of men i've met in my life, only three have never let me down.

Jay, a 57 year old little man that i live with is one of them. he doesn't know my name, but whenever i'm sad he'll pet my hair and call me baby fluffy. he can't do most things on his own, but he has a deep sense of when someone needs love, and he is always right there when i need someone.

Keegan, is the other. my best friend for more than three years, we have been through a lot, and he has every reason to hate me, to never want to see me again, and to tell everyone all my little secrets, but by some miracle the man still sticks it out with me. i wouldn't trade him for the world, and if i had it my way, i wouldn't share him with anyone either. but that's not really in my control. aha.

and finally, Graham. we were the 9 year olds sneaking out of church and playing in the woods during service. it doesn't matter what time of day (and i have literally taken advantage of this) i can call him. he also let's me blast Ke$ha while we drive around in his car.

i might feel like i will never find a life partner i will be happy with (even though we know i'll move on from this heartbreak and fall for someone new in due time), and i might feel like all men are taking advantage of me sometimes, like i'm always just going to get played and let down.

but realistically, i will always be able to trust these men. i will always love them, they will always love me. and, legit, they'll probably beat up anyone who breaks my heart from hereon in. every girl needs some men like mine. so even though i'm pretty heart broken these days,

i find peace in knowing i'm one of the luckiest girls in the world.

thank you <3

- ella faye

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