Saturday, 5 March 2011

ain't no destination baby, we don't even care

everyone should turn doing the laundry into a dance party. no exceptions.

today at work i was folding laundry in the laundry room while listening to music on my laptop. Miss M, one of the ladies I live with, came in from the living room to see what I was up too, heard the music and started dancing.

all of a sudden a chore became an activity. honestly, even after Miss M left, I couldn't help but wanting to dance while i was folding. i even was excited for the dryer to finish so i could fold more laundry!

it's funny how living with people with mental handicaps makes you appreciate the world more. i work for L'Arche Canada, so all my housemates with the exception of my coworker Sam, have varying levels of mental disability. my house mates are some of the most amazing, genuine, soft hearted and loving people i've ever met. if you're up for more of a challenge than dancing while doing laundry, this is definitely something i would recommend.

best songs to dance too while doing laundry... feel free to let me know if you find anything else particularly pleasing!

tik tok - ke$ha
like a g6 - far east movement
party up - hilary duff
my boots -  lights
shark in the water - vv brown
never say never - justin bieber
suddenly i see - k.t. tunstall
get down - backstreet boys
be your man - down with webster
gold digger - glee cast version

try it for real. it'll change your life!

- ella faye

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