Tuesday, 22 March 2011

i'm going to add my effort.

Today, I went on an adventure.

It was amazing.

One of those beautiful German boys, Florian, invited me for a day of fun. First, we went for coffee, or for me, a chai tea because I gave up coffee for Lent.

Then, we went to the thawing beach and followed these awesome bird prints in the snow... to the middle of the woods, where at some points we were legit knee deep in snow. I emailed my awesome, old roommate Ainsley about the prints, I will get back to you!

Then we went off on a bigger adventure! We walked through Ikea - a (500)days of summer inspired dream of mine...(the sinks didn't work). Florian bought me a 53 cent hot dog (with debit), and then off to Ottawa!

We played this awesome game all day! We would pick out people or buildings, and we (and by we, mostly Flo), would make up some story about them. Everyone should do this, and everyone should do this with Florian because he is awesome at it. Seriously, think of some in your head right now. Awesome. I know it.

We stopped in at the Byward market, where I saw, get this, ANOTHER CAR LIKE MINE!?!! Now, if you know me, you know, I have this awesome car. It's a BRIGHT gold PT cruiser. None of these wussy washed out colours, this is like, more gold than you can possibly comprehend. It's like ke$ha puked up mustard all over a PT cruiser. Awful. Yet, amazing.

Also, I saw a book entitled "Snuggie Sutra"... enough said on that topic. amazing.

We also drove around in Quebec for a bit. Talk about weird eh? Sideways stop lights, random green glass structures, and dead end roads left, right and centre. Also, french people from Quebec are always angry (from my experience), but more on that another day...

Anyways, then we had good chats on the drive home. I love days like today, I just feel so rejuvenated. I'm so blessed to have people like Florian in my life. You should all get yourselves an awesome German guy to go on adventures with asap.

Now... about that paper that I DEF should have written today... :(

Sleep tight!

- ella faye

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