Wednesday, 16 November 2011

fly away with me (you've got just what i need)

by some miracle, i ended up with the best roommate ever in second year.

ainsley is just the sweetest, most considerate and caring, and overall most well-rounded person i have ever met.

we had skype chats today, and it was just what i needed.

i'm not alone here.

i might be severely lacking sleep, sick, and bullied here,

but, i have such an amazing support system.


thank you ainsley for bringing peace to my heart.

thank you jeff z. for bringing laughter to my soul.


thank you mom for bringing calm to my crazy.

thank you bryan and jared for bringing silliness to my moments off adult.


thank you hin for bringing sanity to my mind.

thank you nathan for bringing craziness to my life.


thank you michael for bringing support in everything.


- ella faye

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