Wednesday, 14 September 2011

heaven sent a hurricane.

i have some more confessions.

sometimes, i wake up crying of happiness because everything just feels so right.

and sometimes i wake with a sorrowful heart, and have to choose to smile through it.

sometimes,  i eavesdrop on people in starbucks,

because it reminds me how small i really am in this world, 

and how big God is to be aware of it all.

sometimes i act like i think i'm the most beautiful girl in the room,

because it's nice to think someone thinks that, even if it has to be me.

sometimes i go to my room and cry after hugging all my core-members good night,

because i know one of them doesn't remember me each morning, and it breaks my heart.

sometimes I go to a shoe store and find the ugliest pair of shoes I can to try on,

because I think it's hilarious when the salespeople try and tell me they look great and they're a super popular shoe.


sometimes i just want to get married and settle down,

and sometimes just the idea of that scares the hell out of me.

sometimes i whisper my true feelings about people while I lay in bed at night,

because I've convinced myself that somehow someday it will get to them and they'll understand me better.


sometimes I would go to a specific yoga class to get that super hot instructor,

but then I would avoid him like the plague the entire class.

sometimes I seriously consider applying for the bachelor,

because I feel like it would be an awesome story for my kids (sorry michael, aha).


sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve to joy I have in life

but I'm sure as heck happy I have it.


i am so, so blessed.

- ella faye

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