Friday, 30 September 2011

dance with me darling, the night is falling.

i'm sitting in my kitchen,

with my momma and james, and we've all maybe had one glass of wine too many.

and life is beautiful.

today I drove Anne from our house to her sister's city.

three hours of me, and the core member i struggle with the most.

Anne and I have always clashed. I find her attention seeking behaviours extremely frustrating, and as a result, I tend to be shorter with her than I should be.

but something about checking my rearview mirror and seeing her there sleeping in the back seat just melted my heart.

i never thought i loved her, but evidently i do.

for the first time in my life, i'm realizing how much i adore the people in my life.

i'm realizing how happy i am to have the life that i do, even with my struggles.

things with michael have been so wonderful. in fact, i'm going to fly to calgary to see him in november.

i feel vulnerable, and scared, and happy.

i feel like i love the people around me,

and that i'm loved by them.


beauty is in innocence,

and beauty is in accepting moments of shame.


beauty is both in laughter and tears.


beauty is in the first light of day,

and the first star to appear in the night sky.


beauty is in my brothers playing video games,

and my mother holding hands with her new love.


beauty is in clothes that don't fit anymore,

and a brand new pair of shoes.


start noticing it.

- ella faye

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